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Railway Batteries

BAE railway batteries are used in applications with tough performance requirements. These battery systems typically have to withstand hard environmental conditions like extremely low or also very high temperatures. Additionally the regular life of a railway battery is characterized by high mechanical impact. Therefore, a well balanced battery design is absolutely mandatory to achieve a high quality railway battery.

BAE railway batteries are available in low maintenance VLA and maintenance free VRLA-GEL design. Depending on the specific application and requirements positive flat grid plates or tubular plates are used.

BAE railway batteries reflect outstanding quality by:

-approved long service life
-fully insulated battery design to ensure touch protection
-robust cell design
-excellent charging behavior
-flame resistant and self-extinguishing cell container material (UL 94 rating: V-0) available
-tight pole bushing for 100% leakage proof performance
-optional components available to reduce maintenance efforts and to support battery performance,
e.g. electrolyte agitation etc.
-optional electrolyte agitation for reduced charging times
-customized product solutions available