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Traction Batteries

BAE traction batteries are used in vehicles like fork lifters or electrical industrial trucks, e.g. in distribution centers or industrial manufacturing. Due to typically found working shift systems the battery usually gets cycled once or more times a day including mechanical exposure. That means maximum stress to the battery.

Therefore, high quality requirements such as excellent and reliable performance are absolutely mandatory for motive power applications. BAE traction batteries are available in low maintenance VLA and maintenance free VRLA-GEL design. Due to the high cycle life requirements tubular plates are used.

BAE traction batteries reflect outstanding quality by:

-approved long service life even in multiple shift applications
-fully insulated battery design to ensure touch protection
-robust cell design
-excellent charging behavior
-flame resistant and self-extinguishing cell container material (UL 94 rating: V-0) available
-tight pole bushing for 100% leakage proof performance
-optional components available to reduce maintenance efforts and to support battery performance, e.g.
-automatic water refill system etc.
-optional electrolyte agitation for reduced charging times
-customized product solutions available