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D-STAR Digital Voice capability

The ID-E880 can transmit and receive D-STAR format digital voice and 950 bps* data communication, simultaneously. Analog FM mode is also available.
* Approximate value.

GPS position reporting functions

Your position data is shown on the display and can be sent to other station*. In addition, the GPS A mode assists in D-PRS mode operation to send your position information to an APRS server.
* 3rd party GPS receiver is required.

Wideband receiver

The ID-E880 covers 118–173.995, 230– 549.995 and 810–999.990MHz.* You will be able to listen to aviation, marine, weather channels and other utility communications.
* Receiver range depending on versions. See specification page for details.

CS-80/880 free download software

Used with the CS-80/880 cloning software, various settings can be made from a PC. Share your memory channels info and radio settings.
* Either OPC-1529R, OPC-478 or OPC-478UC optional cable is required.

D-STAR repeater list and DR mode operation

The D-STAR repeater list stores up to 300 channels of repeater call signs, frequencies, gateway call signs, duplex direction and offset frequency with 8- character channel name. The D-STAR repeater (DR) mode operation makes it easier to use D-STAR repeater.
* Above photos show setting example only.

Detachable controller

The controller is separated from the main unit for flexible installation. The controller has magnets on the rear panel, it allows the controller to attach to the main unit or other metal objects.

Compact body with large display

While the ID-E880 has a compact body, it has a large LCD display. At 64×20.7 mm, the LCD offers an excellent viewing angle suitable for mobile operation. Green, yellow and amber display backlighting is available. Select the color you like!

Max. 50 Ch/sec. high speed scan

The ID-E880 has a maximum scanning speed of 50 channels per second while in program scan mode. This scanning power allows the utmost efficiency when searching a wide frequency range.

Other features

• Total of 1052 memory channels with 8-character channel name
• 16 channels DTMF memory (24-digit)
• LCD and keypad backlighting
• Monitor function to listen to a weak signal
• Built-in CTCSS/DTCS tone encoder and decoder (FM mode only)
• Tone scan and pocket beep function
• 26 memory banks with selected bank and bank link scanning
• Key lock function
• 1750Hz tone function
• 50W output power both VHF/UHF band
• Built-in noise filter (AM/FM mode)
• Data and 9600/1200bps packet jacks on the rear panel
• ±2.5ppm frequency stability
• Adjustable microphone sensitivity

Other digital features
• One touch reply function
• 50 channels GPS memory and GPS alarm
• 300 channels D-STAR repeater list
• D-STAR access repeater scan