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4.8kbps DV (digital voice) mode and 128kbps* DD (data) mode

The ID-1 has three modes — analog FM, digital voice and data mode operation. The built-in AMBE® vocoder chip provides digitally modulated clear audio as well as 128kbps wireless data transmission. In DD mode operation, you can use various Internet applications wirelessly by connecting to a PC with Ethernet and USB cables.
* Maximum speed.

PC remote controller supplied

The PC controller software is supplied with the ID-1. When the ID-1 is connected to a PC, most functions of the ID-1 can be controlled from the PC screen. The controller software is convenient for editing memory channels, writing short data messages, and checking received call records, etc.

Wireless Internet access

The D-STAR uses the same TCP/IP protocol as the Internet. When the ID-1 is connected to a PC, you can access web sites or check e-mail in DD mode from a remote location*.
* Within a D-STAR repeater service area.

Other features

• Digital callsign squelch (DSQL) and digital code squelch (CSQL)
• Short data message in DV mode
• Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) function for FM and DV mode
• S-meter squelch
• Programmed, memory and select mode scan
• Break-in communication
• Enhanced Monitor Request (EMR) function
• Auto repeater function for FM mode*
• Stand-by beep