Power Enengy Sector

2 Way Radios & Accessories


75W of output power

The combination of Icom’s one piece, die-cast aluminum chassis and MOS-FET power amplifier delivers a powerful 75W output power. Your communications will get through.

Dynamic Memory Scan (DMS)

With 200 alphanumeric memory channels, Icom’s exclusive DMS system gives you flexibility over your scanning lists never offered before in a 2m mobile, fully customizable into 10 banks.

HM-133V, remote control microphone

The backlit HM-133V*, gives you control of your IC-V8000 in the palm of your hand. The Icom exclusive “Hot keys” (F1/F2) memorize the transceiver’s full settings. As if switching between two separate radios, all operating frequencies, tone settings as well as the display color, fan speed, and set mode settings are memorized.
* Optional for some versions.

Other features

• Front mounted speaker
• Amber and green backlit LCD
• Built-in 50 CTCSS and 104×2 DTCS tones
• Rugged construction
• 10dB squelch attenuator
• Pocket beep and tone scan
• Standard DTMF encoder
• Optional DTMF decoder, UT-108
• Weather channel with weather alert*
• FM narrow switchable capability*
• Cloning capability from PC or between radios