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Various modes for wide range Rx

Various modes are supported for listening not only to amateur bands, FM or TV Broadcast stations, but also marine and aviation communications. The IC-R8500 covers a wide frequency range — continuously from 0.1 to 1999.99999MHz* with 10Hz resolution.
* Guaranteed 0.1-1000MHz and 1240-1300MHz only ; Some versions have restricted coverage.

Superior receive characteristics

The IC-R8500 has superior receive sensitivity over its entire range and the built-in, high quality crystal oscillator (TCXO) provides good frequency stability of less than 100Hz drift below 30MHz; less than 3ppm above 30MHz. The variable tuning system employed in the frontend tuning circuit improves multi-signal characteristics, ensuring enhanced receiving performance.

Versatile scanning functions

Basic scanning, memory, priority and program scans are available. For more advanced needs, select scans can also be selected. VSC (voice scan control) provides efficient scanning by skipping unmodulated signals.

IF shift and APF function

The IF shift function works efficiently to reject interference from nearby signals, especially in SSB mode. APF adjusts the peak frequency of the received audio, particularly in CW mode.

Ample 1000 memory channels

The IC-R8500 has 800 memory channels divided into 20 banks (40 channels each), plus an auto memory write area of 100 channels and a skip area of 100 channels. Alphanumeric names can be assigned to the channels (up to 8 characters) and banks (up to 5 characters) for easy recognition. There are also 20 scan edge memory channels to store 10 sets of frequencies for programmed scan plus 1 priority channel for priority scan.

Other features

• REC and REC-Remote terminals for recorder control and for recording received signals
• SO-239 type and phono (RCA) antenna connectors for HF bands and type-N for VHF/UHF
• S-meter squelch
• Sleep timer (30, 60, 90, 120 min. selectable)
• Noise blanker, RF attenuator, and selectable AGC
• AFC function tunes the receiving frequency to the center of FM or WFM signals
• RS-232C serial interface connector