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High sensitivity receiver circuit

Icom’s wide-band technology provides a consistent receiver sensitivity over the entire receive frequency range: 0.03–60MHz*1. The IC-R75 makes it easy to receive communications world wide.

*1 Guaranteed 0.1-29.99MHz and 50-54MHz only ; Some versions have restricted coverage.

Superior dynamic range

A wide dynamic range of over 100dB, and a well-designed triple conversion system help minimize image and spurious responses for better signal fidelity.

Twin PBT capability

The twin PBT (Passband Tuning) function electronically narrows or moves the IF passband widths at two stages to avoid or remove interfering signals.

Flexible filter selection

Up to two optional filters*2 can be installed, providing flexible bandwidth selection.

*2 One each for 9MHz and 455kHz IF stage.

DSP capability

With the optional UT-106 DSP unit installed,* you can activate a noise reduction function that improves the S/N ratio. And the automatic notch filter automatically cuts interference from carriers. These digital functions pull desired signals out of noise, and provide superior receive quality.
* Already installed with some versions.

Front mounted loud speaker

The IC-R75 has the speaker mounted on the front panel. With the speaker facing the operator, audio is heard clearly and directly while operating.

Simple operation

The function display has a large alphanumeric readout that indicates up to 8-character memory names for easy recognition. Oftenused keys such as mode switches, filter and tuning step have been placed above the tuning dial for easy access.

Other features

• Internal clock with ON/OFF, sleep timer
• 20dB attenuator and 2-level preamplifier
• 99 memories and 2 program scan edges with 8-digit memory name
• Selectable AGC (FAST/SLOW/OFF)
• Noise blanker for eliminating pulse type noise
• RTTY/CW reverse mode and CW pitch control
• Various scanning functions
• Adjustable LCD backlighting
• CI-V capability for computer control
• RS-232C serial interface connector