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2 for 1, Dualwatch receive

Until the IC-R20, the capability of monitoring two frequencies required two radios. Whether you need to monitor local public safety, air traffic control, or listening to two drivers at the track, even listen to play by play from both TV and radio!

Shortwave to microwave, Wideband coverage

The IC-R20 covers 150kHz to 3304.999MHz* in SSB, CW, AM, FM and WFM modes. When receiving in dualwatch, the combination of channels is limited to 150kHz to 469.999MHz (VFO A) and 118MHz to 174.999MHz or 330MHz to 1304.999MHz in AM, FM, WFM modes (VFO B).
* Depending on version, U.S.A. version is cellular blocked.

4-hour digital recorder

The IC-R20 has an internal 32MB digital recorder capable of storing received communications. This feature is useful in a variety of ways, like recording wireless microphone audio at a meeting. There is also a USB port to download to a computer for storage or to forward to a friend. (PC playback not possible)

Alphanumeric memory channels

With 1,000 regular memory channels, 200 automatic memory scan channels and 25 pairs of frequency scan edges, the IC-R20 makes it easy to identify received signals with the capability of assigning a name to each channel.

CTCSS, DTCS tone signaling

When multiple users share the same channel, these users use specialized signaling to reduce interference from other users. The two popular signaling formats, CTCSS and DTCS, are standard in the IC-R20.

11 hours of continuous receive*

Icom’s energy efficient design allows the ICR20 11*2 hours of continuous reception from the internal Li-Ion battery pack. Also, the ICR20 can operate with 3 AA Alkaline cells for longer operation. Charging of the internal battery pack is possible from either an optional cigarette lighter cable or the supplied AC adapter.
* Single receive in FM mode at Max. AF audio.

See your signals

Sometimes hearing a signal is not enough, so the IC-R20 includes a band scope. The bandscope enables you to see signals around a monitored frequency. An additional function of the bandscope is the ability to hear the signal while sweeping a range, so you can see if the signal is modulated.

Scan features

The IC-R20 is Icom’s fastest receiver with 100* channels per second scanning speed. You can tag memory channels into dynamic banks, ranging from a maximum of 100 channels per bank (Max. 26 banks) as well as link multiple banks for customized memory bank scanning. Additionally, the IC-R20 offers multiple scanning controls such as scan delay and scan resume for received signal notification.
* In VFO mode.

Other features

• VSC (Voice Squelch Control) opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected.
• Offset monitor capability
• Auto squelch and squelch monitor capability
• Built-in attenuator and RF gain control
• Noise blanker, ANL (Auto Noise Limiter), AF filter
• AFC (Auto Frequency Control) function
• PC remote control capability with optional CT-17
• Built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM broadcast
• FM earphone cord antenna capability
• Dial speed-up function
• Auto power off and power save functions
• Reversible rotary selector and up/down buttons
• Weather channel* (* U.S.A. version only)
• Preprogrammed TV and shortwave channels