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2 Way Radios & Accessories

IC-M802 General version

Digital Signal Processor

The digital IF filter provides flexible filter settings for narrow bandwidth signals without having to install an optional filter.

Large LCD with dot-matrix characters

The IC-M802 has the capability of up to 24 characters × 9 lines full dot-matrix display. Operating status and setting of information can be seen instantly and clearly.

Built-in 2-tone Alarm function

A 2-tone alarm (2182kHz) signal can be transmitted simply by the push of the ‘Alarm’ button. A spring loaded cover prevents accidental activation.

Automatic antenna tuner, AT-140

The optional AT-140 easily connects to the radio without opening the casing. The tuner through function can be used with the AT-140.

Other features

• 4×8-inch remote controller and 4×4-inch external speaker
• Channel and Group dials offer easy channel selection and operation
• Powerful 150W (PEP) output
• 0.5 to 29.9999MHz wideband receiver
• DIN and RS-232C connectors for external equipment
• NMEA 0183 interface included