Power Enengy Sector

2 Way Radios & Accessories


Alphanumeric readout

Seven characters can be programmed into each memory channel to conveniently display
station names or ship names for simplified operation.

150W output power

A large cooling fan system, in combination with the aluminum chassis, allows conditions for transmission at a full 150W* (PEP) RF output power—even during demanding RTTY (radio teletype) operation.
*60W (PEP) above 24 MHz bands.

Other features

• General coverage receiver
• Terminals for frequency/mode control via NMEA interfacing
• Automatic tuning function
• Large, front-mounted speaker
• Weather fax ready
• Backlight control
• CW full break-in and semi break-in
• 2-tone alarm built-in (Optional depending on version)
• 1136 channels available