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The IC-F7000 is an HF land mobile transceiver especially designed for long distance communications. The IC-F7000’s advanced functions and features make HF LMR operation simple and efficient for user’s whether you are a skilled operator or not.

Selective call capabilities

The selective call uses a unique calling address like a telephone number and allows you to make a call directly to a desired station or group. Selcall, Selective beacon, GPS position*1, Page, Telcall*2, Status, Emergency and RFDS call*3 can be made.
*1 External GPS receiver is required.
*2 Please consult with a telephone interconnect service provider for details.
*3 Australia version only.

ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) capabilities

The ALE function will check frequency propagation and strength to automatically select the highest quality signal for the best communication possible. The ALE system meets with the basic requirements of MIL-STD 188-141-B. ALE individual/net call, ALE sounding and ALE AMD (Up to 90-characters) are available.

Automatic tuning antenna

The AT230 automatic tuning antenna* is recommended for use with the IC-F7000. The AT230 fully covers 2–30MHz. It is also easily installed to a vehicle.

Other features

• Wide band coverage receiver-0.5 to 29.9999MHz
• Full dot-matrix display
• Built-in DSP filter for flexible filter selection. Optional filters not required
• PC Remote control using the NMEA 0183 format
• GPS input (NMEA0183 version 3.01)
• External 32MHz reference input for accurate tuning
• Voice, S-meter and Call mute
• 400 regular channels, 120 ALE IDs, 100 Selcall IDs and 100 telephone numbers
• Controller, speaker and main (RF) unit-three-piece flexible configuration
• 125W (PEP) output power* (* 1.6-3.99MHz Gen version only)