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Designed for public safety, transportation and delivery service users, the IC-F5061 series offers advanced multi-mode operations, 6.25kHz digital option, improved scanning and flexible installation suitable for mobile and base stations. Just try and outgrow this radio!
* Optional UT-126H required.

Built-in basic LTR™ mode operation

Group, selective and phone calls are available in built-in LTR™ mode. MDC signaling is also available on LTR™ mode.

Optional 6.25kHz digital mode ready

Optional 6.25kHz digital mode is available.

Built-in versatile tone signaling

Use the built-in CTCSS, DTCS, 2-Tone 5-Tone or MDC 1200 capability to set up your own talk groups, and have your radio standby quietly when other groups are talking. Up to 10 2-Tone, 8 5-Tone codes can be decoded on a single memory channel.

IP54 dust-protection and splash resistance (Controller only)

When used with the optional separation kit, RMK-3, and separation cable, the front panel of the IC-F5061 series can be detached from the main unit. The control head has dust-protection and splash resistance construction equivalent to IP54.

Voting scan (Analog mode only)

The voting mode scanning detects the S-meter level of repeater stations and automatically selects the strongest station or the first station to exceed the preset S-meter level, useful for roaming 2 or more repeater sites.

Other features

• The mode slave setting automatically selects the scanning list, according to the operating channel
• Nuisance delete
• Built-in inversion-type voice scrambler and optional UT-109R/UT-110R available
• Large dot matrix display and multi-function LCD
• 8 DTMF autodialing memories and ANI function
• D-Sub accessory connector, ignition sensing line and more…