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Digital migration is now an inevitable trend for commercial radio.
To use your existing analog radio resources intelligently, the IC-F1721D, F1821D series offer an ideal solution for analog to digital migration. Programmable P25 digital and FM mode per channel allows you to seamlessly add to a current FM radio network. The P25 digital software can be reserved for future upgrade, depending on the version. The rich FM features such as built-in multiple tone signalings ensure a flexible, long life radio for you. The IC-F1721D, F1821D are the smart choice for current -and future -public safety communication needs.


The IC-F1721D and F1821D series is APCO Project 25 (P25) compliant. It ensures interoperability with other manufacturer’s P25 digital radios in conventional mode. The radio is programmable digital and/or analog FM modes per channel

AES/DES digital encryption activation software

AES and DES are encryption standards required by public safety agencies. The IC-F1721D and F1821D series provide secure encryption with DES and AES accordingly when activated with activation software, EX-2785 J02 (for DES) and EX-2785 J03 (for AES).

Dot matrix, multi-function LCD

The IC-F1721/D and F1821/D series have a large dot matrix display to show information with high resolution characters. The display setting is programmable to show one line and 12 characters, or two lines and 24 characters. In addition, the IC-F70/D series shows the functions assigned to the [P] buttons at the bottom of the display.

Built-in versatile tone signaling

Use the built-in CTCSS, DTCS, 2-Tone 5-Tone or MDC 1200 capability to set up your own talk groups, and have your radio standby quietly when other groups are talking. Up to 10 2-Tone, 8 5-Tone codes can be decoded on a single memory channel.

Zone copy cable for tactical group operation

The tactical group function allows you to copy memory channels to the tactical zone (zone 32) and dynamically regroup memory channels. Using the optional zone copy cable, memory channels in the tactical zone can be transferred from a master radio to other radios.

Other features

• Heavy-duty dynamic microphone, HM-148 is supplied with IC-F1721/D, F1821/D series
• Built-in audio compander
• 256 memory channels and 32 zones
• P25 upgrade is available for analog version
(Optional UT-120 and Ex-2785 J01 are required)