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Rugged Submersible Protection

The IC-92AD and HM-175GPS have superior waterproof protection and is equivalent to IPX7 (1m depth of underwater for 30 minutes). The aluminum diecast chassis and gasketsealed housing provide performance you can count on in harsh outdoor environments; when hiking, mountain biking, touring and for alpine activities.

Optional GPS Speaker-microphone

Used with the GPS speaker-microphone, HM-175GPS, the IC-92AD shows your position data on the display and offers automatic position reporting in DV mode. The IC-92AD shows the direction to a received D-STAR station or to a memory stored with a compass-like display pointer. In addition, the GPS-A mode assists in easy D-PRS system operation.

5W (typ.) output power on 144 and 430(440)MHz band

Wideband receiver with dualwatch capability.

Other features

• Built-in voice recorder function (DV mode only)
• Optional PC remote control capability
• Total of 1304 memory channels
• External DC power jack (10–16V DC acceptable)
• 10 channel DTMF memory (16-digit)
• Squelch disable function to monitor a weak signal
• Built-in CTCSS/DTCS tone encoder and decoder (FM mode)
• Auto power save, power off and power on
• 26 memory banks with selected bank and bank link scanning
• 10dB (approx) built-in attenuator
• Automatic repeater function*
• Weather channel with weather alert*