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Spectrum Waterfall Display Function

The spectrum waterfall function can show the changing amplitude of frequency spectrum over time. A weak signal which cannot be recognized with the spectrum scope may be found in the waterfall screen. When used in combination with spectrum and waterfall screens, you can observe detailed band activity by other stations. The wide screen setting emphasizes the signal strength in the spectrum scope and shows a longer period for the waterfall.

Mouse Operation for Spectrum Scope

By connecting a PC mouse to the USB port on the rear panel, the spectrum scope can work with mouse operation. You can select operating frequency by clicking the spectrum scope.
• Left click to change operating frequency.
• Click a button (either left or right) and move right or left side on the screen to increment or decrement the operating frequency (Similar to rotating the main dial)
• Right click to temporarily change the receiving frequency. Release the mouse button to return.
* A USB hub is required to use a mouse and keyboard at the same time.

Audio Scope Function for AF Observation

The audio scope function shows the FFT scope with waterfall and the oscilloscope of either transmitting or receiving audio*. This function can be used for observing various AF characteristics such as microphone compressor level, filter width, notch filter and receive keying waveform in CW mode.

* Transmitting audio can be shown on voice modulation modes only. The transmit quality monitor function must be ON for monitoring the transmitting audio.
Audio scope (FFT scope and oscilloscope) Audio scope (FFT scope with waterfall and oscilloscope)
Specifications for FFT scope and waterfall
・Attenuator: 0dB, -10dB, -20dB and -30dB
・FFT scope with waterfall and FFT scope without waterfall
・Waveform color and drawing (outline or fill) settings for FFT scope
Specifications for oscilloscope
・Level: 0dB, -10dB, -20dB and -30dB
・Sample rate: 1ms/Div, 3ms/Div, 10ms/Div, 30ms/Div, 100ms/Div and 300ms/Div, 5 Div width
・Waveform color setting

Simplified Remote Control for RS-BA1

For IP remote control operation with the optional RS-BA1, the IC-7800 has a built-in RS-BA1 base station function and can be made a remote control station with simplified configuration. (Base station PC is not required.) The IC-7800 gives consistent response time as the main dial tunes smoothly. In addition, the IC-7800 can wake-up from standby mode via the RS-BA1 software.


Enhanced Digital Voice Recorder

In addition to the 20 channels of receive voice memories, the QSO recorder function records both incoming and outgoing calls into a CF memory card or USB flash drive. Up to 9 hours of continuous recording is possible with a 2GB disk space. Operating frequency, mode, S-meter and output power are also automatically written in the memory. The dualwatch audio is recorded in 16kHz, 16-bit stereo.

Other New or Enhanced Functions

• Waveform outline in spectrum scope (ON/OFF)
• Voice TX function transmits the recorded audio repeatedly
• Increase APF volume level up to 6dB (Adjustable by 1dB step)
• TX delay function sets the transmission timing to control a connected external linear amplifier (OFF/10ms/15ms/20ms/25ms/30ms, each for HF and 50MHz band)
• Added RIT and ⊿TX commands for CI-V remote control
• Expansion of 7MHz band (7.000-7.200MHz) for EUR version