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Gel batteries
•Gel condition: the effect of sealed reaction is over 99.9%
•Minor self-discharge: the gel battery can be stored almost two years with electrification which is four time more than
•AGM battery. it can be put into use without charging immediately.
•Low rate of loss of coolant: the rate of coolant of gel battery is half of AGM battery, which can effectively slow up
the dry of electrolyte.
•Long service life: the designed life is over twelve years.
•Good deep discharge recovery performance: the gel battery in cycle use, which can reach to 100% deep discharge cycle and long service life to five hundred time.
•Good over-discharge recovery performance: the gel battery can recover its capacity to 100% after it discharges at1CA for twenty one days.
•Widely working environment: the gel battery can be used at widely difference in temperance in from subzero 49C to 60 C